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Genzyme Haverhill Operations is located on the Cambridgeshire Suffolk border. The site has been a part of Genzyme since 1982 and has grown significantly since that time. In the last 5 years capital investment in the site has exceeded £100M and we employ ~ 300 people at the site in a variety of disciplines.

The site has three distinct functions: as the cold chain supply centre for Genzyme’s small volume therapeutic products; in 2007 we will ship products to 78 countries around the world. We also have the only patent protected continuous API plant in the world. This plant manufactures the active ingredients for a product which is used to treat patients on kidney dialysis. Our third area of expertise is in the process scale up and development of Genzyme’s new synthetic molecules. This team are at the forefront of the implementation of Process Analytical Technologies into our large scale manufacturing plants.

Recognised as a leader within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, we have a dedicated workforce who have the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve, whilst delivering products and services to exacting customer requirements applying best operating practices in safety, quality and efficiency.

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Genzyme Therapeutics Ltd
4620 Kingsgate
Cascade Way
Oxford Business Park South
Tel: +01865 405200
Fax: +01865 774172

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Genzyme Ltd, Haverhill Operations
12 Rookwood Way
Tel: +01440 703522
Fax: +01440 716269